The whites are Chardonnay, Viognier, Roussanne and Pinot Gris.
Our reds are Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Nebbiolo.

For each variety a number of different clones have been planted. The vines were planted from 1999 and are now aged between three and ten years. Vines are predominantly planted on rootstock to protect from Phylloxera.

However, we have some special blocks planted on their own roots. These were planted from outstanding Shiraz vineyards including the Brokenwood Graveyard, the Rayner Vineyard and Seville Estate Old Vine. Our Roussanne was grown with cuttings from Giaconda vineyard.

Each block and variety are managed to achieve the very best from the grapes. Cabernet is spur pruned while the Pinot Noir is cane pruned to a Vertical Shoot Position system, allowing for effective canopy management. We also experiment with arch cane pruning.

Intricate canopy work is carried out through the season ensure optimum vine balance and to maximise fruit characteristics and flavours. Shoot thinning, crop thinning and general management is all done by hand. Most fruit is also handpicked.
The vineyard soils range from granitic sands to clay loams. Most of the vineyard is undulating North-South and East facing. This ensures maximum light interception, but minimises the harsh afternoon summer sun.

The vineyard has a discrete microclimate. The diversity of blocks, aspects and clones provides interesting winemaking opportunities.


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The Beechworth Wine Region

The Beechworth wine region is defined by geology. Volcanic activity 415 million years ago pushed masses of granite into the original slate and shale bedrock. This lifted the region up above the surrounding plain. Our region starts at 300m altitude and rises to over 800m.

The mineral rich hills around Beechworth are home to more than two dozen vineyards that are tended with a fierce independence and a passion for making the very best artisan wines.

Being situated at elevation on the continental side of the Victorian Alps; this allows for warm, sunny days to reliably ripen the crop, as well as cool nights, which temper any heat and produce wine grapes with natural balance and elegance.

With the combination of premium vineyards, careful winemaking and passion, the goal of the Beechworth vignerons is to make the very best wines which sit proudly beside those from the best regions of Australia and the world.