Introducing Black Ink

Black Ink is a wine we make when vintage conditions are just right for a bolder style of red wine. This is only our second edition after the original 2018 wine. It was a bold red wine, the colour of Black Ink. In the spirit of creating adventurous blends when the season is right, we've blended a full bodied bold wine from the 2021 vintage. We approached the blending with an open mind, and sourced some grapes grown by our friends in Rutherglen and Heathcote to compliment our own Beechworth fruit. The final quirky, full bodied blend contains Cabernet Sauvignon from Beechworth, Shiraz & Durif from Rutherglen and Shiraz & Touriga from Heathcote. 

This wine has an Inky red colour: very deep and dark for an Indigo Vineyard wine. With deep ripe fruit aromas, no one variety stands out: instead it is has a complex bouquet with ripe blackberry, plum, cherry and a hint of vanilla. 

The palate has the bold entry that characterises Black Ink. It is very complex with a vast range of ripe fruit and leather and a firm structure supplemented by French oak and fuller tannins. For those that enjoy a bolder style of wine, you will find this wine has a bigger, riper structure which is the Black Ink style.

 Black Ink 2021:  $36 / bottle .  Friends of Indigo wine club price: $28.80 / bottle